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Yoonsoo Kim

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Software Architect
Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
As a Tizen platform architect, I'm actively participating in platform architecture design considering desired platform qualities such as security, reliability, maintainability, performance and extensibility, time-to-market perspectives in highly competing mobile platform market. The most notable job about Tizen platform architecture was to define Tizen optional features and application filtering policy at Tizen Store.

I'm in charge of management of Native C++ API definition and evolution, Tizen platform open source contribution process, coding guidelines, Tizen Native Compliance Tests development, and code quality.

As the Tizen Native C++ API reviewer, I review all API change requests like addition, removal, deprecation, behavioral change, doxygen documentation change of APIs. I always try to make APIs easy-to-use, hard-to-misuse, easily understandable, easy-to-extend, maintainable, have good performance during review. I'm really enjoying this review process because I feel API itself become much better after the review and this work make a huge effect on possible Tizen application developer's performance. It makes me feel that I'm making the better work through my talent.

I'm also playing a role of Tizen open source maintainer for Native C++ API and base libraries.