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Jordi Varela Agrelo

Data Infrastructure Manager
Barcelona Area, Spain
Experimented Engineer passionate on complex systems building following a data career path.
- 20 years of experience combining DevOps and IT services and management in a 75%-25% time split.
- In my career I faced the need to take data driven decisions extracting information from heterogeneous data sources to help business at strategic and operational level. Due to that fact I’ve decided to do a Big Data face-to-face master at UPC university.
- I’ve recently presented my thesis on predicting best sellers into retail industry. I made a kappa architecture (streaming/batch processing) over a Kubernetes cluster in Google Cloud. There I used Apache Spark/Hadoop, MLlib, python scikit, kafka, elastic search, kibana as building blocks. I programmed classical ML algorithms for clustering, classification and regression. And also I’ve made the planning for a toy-startup: strategy, marketing plan, growth plan, financial statement and legal aspects.
- Active listening and strong analytical skills that result in an excellent problem solver.
- Technology enthusiast eager to learn and share knowledge, actively involved in local communities of developers, sysadmins, agile and data science.